Our Intuitive Authoring Tool is easy for anyone to use

Integrated Billing & Payment

Our authoring tool provides the ability to integrate billing options into the mobile phone application.

Integrate One Click Credit Card Payments directly from the phone on the user's buy request.

Or you can embed WAP Billing or Premium SMS links for micro-payments.

Key Features
  • No Technical Knowledge Required
  • Web Based Interface
  • Drag & Drop Components
  • Preview on multiple screen sizes
  • Manage Multiple Projects easily
  • Easy Billing Set up
  • Clear & Simple Reporting

The Mobile Applications Toolkit

Personalised Communications

Communicate one to one with your customers on the device they always have to hand - their mobile phone. Since Apple launched the iPhone Apps store, companies have rushed to develop downloadable phone applications which connect to their online services. From retailers to publishers and e-commerce sites, major companies are recognising the value of putting their brand permanently on their customers handset, with product news, offers or purchases just a click away. With larger screen sizes and enhanced audio and video capabilities on new handsets, it's now possible to offer a genuinely compelling user experience. Pocket Portal gives you the tools to build and manage your own mobile application offering.

Increase Brand Awareness

With increasing numbers of consumers just as likely to go online via their mobile phone as their pc, it's critical to grab and maintain a brand presence at their fingertips; your own branded mobile application can make sure you're their first choice. If your logo is already installed on their phone, you don't have to pay for mobile ads or fight to get them to type your url on their phone - you're already there!

Increase Sales

Allow your customers to access your latest products, special offers, or content feeds. Build your application to give direct access to closely targeted offers and allow your registered customers single-click purchases to their credit or debit cards, or use click to call, sms or wap billing for mobile micropayments. Make your product offering and payments a seamless process from your customer's handset and watch your average revenue per user grow.

Quick & Easy Set-Up
Use our pre-built templates
to start building your own
application in minutes. Add
dynamic pages to connect
to your existing online feeds.
Our provisioning platform
takes care of the complexity
of delivering your application
in the optimized format to
support hundreds of
different handsets.